READING - Heavy Vehicles Tire Blowout and Explosion

IRSST LogoDid you know that in Québec, 360 accidents involving a vehicle tire occurred over a period of 10 years, including some ten fatal accidents directly attributable to heavy vehicle tire blowout or explosion? This fact sheet presents the phenomenon of mechanical blowout of heavy vehicle tires mounted on wheels, and the process and events that lead to tire blowout or explosion as a result of heat buildup.

Based on current knowledge, preventive measures are suggested.

It must be emphasized that the best-known preventive measures are those aimed in particular at personnel who repair and maintain the tires on heavy trucks. In the case of drivers, the information is rather limited because there are no objective criteria and very little knowledge about how to identify the hazards, and even less knowledge about the level of risk.

The precaution principle applies at all times. (Quoted from the document introduction.)