READING - Truck Compliance Advisory Panel Report

TranBC logoAre you concerned with heavy truck safety on BC highways? The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement branch of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has produced a report described by the following excerpt:

The maintenance and safe operation of heavy commercial vehicles are primary objectives of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, industry and the public. Compliance and related enforcement measures are conducted regularly and generate interest, particularly following enforcement activities and published statistics regarding out of service (OOS) ratios. To promote continuous improvement, the Truck Compliance Advisory Panel was formed in 2008 by the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. It was comprised of senior representatives from the ministry, the British Columbia Trucking Association and Teamsters Union. The panel examined out of service rates, safety inspection and enforcement practices in British Columbia and other jurisdictions across North America. Findings show that OOS rates in B.C. conform closely to national values. At times, higher rates have been reported; however, the variances are generally related to focused enforcement campaigns, where inspections are conducted only on those vehicles exhibiting conditions that inspectors feel should be examined more closely. It is generally acknowledged that there is a very small percentage of nonconforming commercial vehicles operating on British Columbia’s highways. However, efforts continue to be made to increase compliance and improve safety. To that end, this report examines current data and experiences from other jurisdictions and recommends the Province consider four different strategies:

  • Implement a Premium Carrier Program
  • Expand shipper responsibilities
  • Strengthen roadside enforcement
  • Enhance the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP)