House Trailer Endorsement

Large RV TrailerAh, summertime! Let's get the RV out of storage and plan some serious recreation. Regardless of the length of your planned road trip, operating an RV safely and legally will maximize your pleasure and head off trouble before it happens.

Towing most recreational vehicles does not require more than a valid class 5 or class 7 driver's licence here in BC. However, some castles on wheels weigh more than 4,600 kilograms when fully loaded require either a house trailer endorsement (code 07) on these licences or a higher licence class or  a heavy trailer endorsement (code 20). Forget this detail and a traffic check can halt your vacation trip on the spot.

Now that you have thought about it and decided that you need the house trailer endorsement, how do you proceed? Pick up or download a copy of Towing a Recreational Trailer from ICBC. Study it thoroughly because you will have to pass a recreational trailer knowledge test. You will also have to have your vision and hearing checked and answer questions based on your medical health. You will be issued a learner driver's licence if you are successful.

Once you've practiced, schedule your road test. Be prepared to demonstrate a proper pre-trip inspection and complete the road test while towing a house trailer that weighs more than 4,600 kg. Also, check out your local driving school. Many schools have specific RV towing courses to help you prepare with confidence.

The following two videos, courtesy of Larry Siebert, guide you through the ICBC examination to obtain a house trailer endorsement (code 07). The first video concentrates on the tow vehicle but includes circle checks of the combination for mechanical and lighting:

The second video focuses on mechanical inspection, particularly of the trailer and includes testing the brakes on both vehicles: 

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