Q&A - Operating an LSM with Class 7L

New Driver Signs 2011I just bought a 50 cc scooter and was really hoping you could help me with two questions. It is a 2003 Yamaha BWS. First, can I drive it with my Learners license? I am turning 16 in a week, and know many people who ride them around with they're L, or so they say, but I can't find any for sure legislation. Second, can I take two people with my L?



A Class 7L driver's licence does permit the operation of an LSM, but the MVAR requires that the supervisor sit either beside or behind and to the right of the class 7L driver.

Accompanying adult conditions and passenger restrictions for learner's licence

30.06 (1.1) A person to whom a Class 7L licence is issued on or after October 6, 2003 must not operate a motor vehicle of a category designated in section 30.01 (2) for that class of driver's licence unless the person is accompanied by another person who

(c) occupies

(i) the seat beside the operator, or

(ii) the seat or area immediately behind and to the right of the operator, in the case of a motor vehicle of the category designated for the class of licence issued in which there is no seat beside the operator.

The class 8L does have an exemption:

(5) For the purposes of subsections (4) and (4.1), "direct supervision" means that the person supervising can, at all times, see the other person while the other person is operating the motorcycle.

It appears that unless your LSM has a sidecar, you are out of luck and cannot ride one with a Class 7L licence.

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