Q&A - Headlight Colour

Q&A ImageI was just given a warning about my headlights . I recently installed a yellow protective film over my headlights and I was under the impression that all forward facing lights are to be white or amber . The only info I can find is for height and power . Any help would be great.


White Only


4.05 (1)  A motor vehicle must be equipped with either one or 2 headlamps mounted on each side of the front of the vehicle and capable of displaying white light.

It would be interesting to

It would be interesting to know an officer's response to headlight bulbs capable of changing colours but on a different setting other than white.  The law says "capable" of displaying white, but that doesn't mean that the light can't be set to red, green, blue, etc.  


Yes, but...

The lamp must meet standards. I don't think you will find lamps that emit other colours meet them. Stuff off of eBay with compliance markings often means that the maker knows how to print the marking but not necessarily make the product conform.

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