Q&A - Necessary to Replace My Windshield?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I recently purchased a Pontiac Solstice from Saskatchewan and brought it to BC for Inspection. The windshield was declared to need replacement even after I took it to our local auto glass to have the three small rock chips filled.

The size of these chips are #1 (5mm) #2 (7mm), #3 (16mm), only #2 is in the line of site of the driver located about 4 inches from the bottom of the windshield.

Can you please inform me of the criteria used to disqualify a windshield. If the windshield was in need of replacement I as a senior would only too happy to comply, however in this case it makes no sense.

Windshield Rules

Here's what the schedule to Division 7 of the Motor Vehicle Act has to say about the situation:

Glazing and mirrors

29 The windshield and windows of a vehicle shall comply with the requirements of section 7.05 of the regulations.

The windshield or windows of a vehicle shall not be cracked, broken, clouded or otherwise damaged or defective so as to impair the vision of the driver.

Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the following glass defects shall be considered as causing vision impairment:

(a) a defect in the area extending from the left side of the driver's side 500 mm toward the centre and extending over 75 mm down from the top or over 75 mm up from the bottom, excepting small stone injuries of 6 mm or less;

(b) a crack over 300 mm long in any part;

(c) more than 2 cracks over 150 mm long in any one piece of glass;

(d) stone or shot injuries more than 40 mm in diameter;

(e) two or more stone or shot injuries over 20 mm in diameter in any one piece of glass;

(f) more than 75 mm clouding around the edge;

(g) any clouding on the driver's side;

(h) broken glass showing sharp edge;

(i) cracked, broken or clouded forward of a line parallel with the driver's shoulder;

(j) broken or clouded to such an extent that the driver is unable to see clearly 60 m to the rear.

Paragraph A Applies

critical area of driver's side of the windshield

From your description, the damage is not included in items (b) through (j), so we have to examine (a) carefully. Two of the injuries you mention qualify for inclusion and one of them appears to lie within this box. That would mean replacement is required.

Vehicle Inspection Manual

The standards in the Vehicle Inspection Manual used by the Designated Inspection Facility mirror the Regulations in this case so there isn't anything else to take into account for the decision. The inspector is correct in declaring that the windshield needs to be replaced.

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