Q&A - Non-Standard Rearview Mirror

New Driver Signs 2011I am currently driving while using a clip-on wide rear-view mirror and was wondering if it's use is allowed during the Class 5 driving test.

It is a 20cmx6cm rectangular flat mirror that goes over the existing one in the car.


My best guess ...

... is that it would be allowed, so long as it wasn't seen as potentially blocking your view - or the Driver Examiner's.

It's worth checking this ICBC information on whether a vehicle is likely to be suitable, or not. If they turn it down at the time, being a clip-on device it's easily removed. Note also that it might be considered unsafe, in the event of a collision; since 1967 or thereabouts, rear-view mirrors have been designed to break away if hit by an object - like somebody's head - and also designed to be adjustable to cut glare at night.

And, don't think for a moment that it's going to make shoulder-checks redundant.

I still shoulder-check

I still shoulder-check frequently, it's jsut that I could barely stand how small the original mirror was.

It basically just clips onto the existing rear-view. It's basically like this one, only not convex and with bigger/tighter clamps:

wide view mirror

Be extra early

As you probably know, an Applicant has to be there at least 15 minutes prior to test time; I would suggest you add at least another 15 minutes, so that you can ask to speak to the Driver Examiner Supervisor, and show them the device installed in your car.

That way, if they're not going to allow it there's sufficient time to remove it; and if it is acceptable, then that judgment has been made by the person in charge and can't be contradicted by the DE conducting your road test.

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