Click to Visit DriveBCDriveBC is a "one stop" traveller information system for the province of British Columbia. A visit to the web site will allow you to plan ahead by visiting the required resources from one easy to find location.

Information on the DriveBC site includes:

  • Weather Advisories
  • Highway Cams
  • Border Traffic Waits
  • Ferry Information
  • Construction Delays


Additional Resource

Very important website for drivers to know about. The government has invested in traffic cameras to help us be more aware before we head out driving. Like this week. Snow or no snow? Take transit or drive instead? Simply use the traffic cameras throughout BC and the lower mainland and decide what is the safest mode of travelling or not going anywhere. It makes sense, I think the resources are underutilized. I hope this changes. I have also put together a Vancouver Traffic website which I also hope contributes to better choices for drivers. When to go is also a big factor in lowering your stress levels when driving around the lower mainland.

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