TRANSPORT CANADA - Phantom Vehicles

Transport Canada New LogoTransport Canada has announced a new lighting standard aimed at preventing phantom vehicles, or vehicles being driven at night with no rear lights illuminated. As of September 2021 the Canadian Vehicle Lighting Regulation will mandate that new vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, 3-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles and heavy trucks) sold in Canada must implement one of the following:

  • tail lights that come on automatically with daytime running lights
  • headlights, tail lights, and side marker lights that turn on automatically in the dark
  • a dashboard that stays dark to alert the driver to turn on the lights

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Sheesh, that means that 11 years later than they should have, Transport Canada made this ruling.

No doubt, it will turn out that this will bring us into line with some simultaneous US ruling with the same compliance regulations ...

If Transport Canada wanted to do something meaningful, they would also mandate amber turn signal lights, including those front fender mounted flashers required in the EU.

We're not the world's biggest car market by any means, but if all manufacturers must meet the same mandate, at the same time, I'll bet they would improve vehicles for Canadian sales, just as they did with Daytime Running Lights. And without any arguments about 'passing on' costs to customers. These features are already built into the production lines.