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Question: Q&A ImageI purchased a 30 year old motorcycle. The previous owner had no registration as he used it off road. I ran the VIN through CPIC and it produced no history of being stolen. What steps do I take to obtain registration papers?

ICBC Issues Registration Papers

ICBC is the agency responsible for issuing vehicle registration documents in British Columbia. I checked with them and here is their reply:

Motorcycles That Can and Cannot be Registered

If the motorcycle has a CMVSS (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) label that reads "RUM/MUR" for restricted use motorcycle, it was built for off-road use only and doesn’t qualify to be registered in BC.

However, if the CMVSS label reads

“MC" for open motorcycle

"LSM/MVL" for limited speed motorcycle

"TRI" for trike

"EMC/MCH" for enclosed motorcycle

it may be registered, licensed, and insured, as it meets the safety standards of Transport Canada and BC Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

Image of typical ICBC registration papers

Previously Registered Vehicles

If it qualifies for registration and is registered in the seller’s name, they could replace the Vehicle Registration by visiting an Autoplan broker’s office. Then, the usual procedure for transferring ownership would apply.

Motorcycle Has Never Been Registered

However, if they aren’t the registered owner or the motorcycle has never been registered, the purchaser’s first step in applying to register the motorcycle or transfer ownership of it would be to request a Vehicle Registration and Licensing printout from our Driver Testing and Vehicle Information unit. Someone there could tell them how to make a request and what fee would apply, and might be able to advise them on how to proceed from there.

Driver Testing and Vehicle Information can be reached by calling one of these phone numbers:

(604) 661-2233 Greater Vancouver or 1-800-464-5050 Toll-free

They are open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Time).

Learn More

Here is a set of general instructions on ICBC's web site.

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