ROADSENSE TIPS - Cell Phones and the GLP

ICBC LogoThis video, produced by ICBC, looks at why banning communication device use by drivers keeps our roads safer by keeping drivers focused on the task of driving. This applies to new drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program especially as they have not developed the necessary skills to spare attention for non-driving related tasks.

I got my class 5 right before this came into effect (thank God!), but I still find it ridiculous.  I used to text- or talk-and-drive all the time, and if anything, I paid better attention when I was multitasking.  Second, I learned to text without looking very quickly, so my eyes were on the road the whole time anyway.  I think that this prohibition points the finger at the wrong people.  They need to focus on getting bad drivers off the roads, not just everyone who uses a cell phone.

Also, this will greatly affect delivery drivers, of whom many are 'N' drivers.  They have to be able to take calls from their dispatch, and now they can't.

Putting on make-up is far more dangerous than talking on a cellphone, as is eating a burger (more likely to have an automatic jerking reaction if big mac sauce falls in your lap).

I read a study that said talking on your cell phone and talking to a person in the car have the same effect on your driving.  So, pretty soon talking, eating, putting on make-up and listening to music will all be banned while driving.

BC used to be the perfect place to live, but our government is starting to come live with us and run our lives.  This is all getting a little ridiculous.