NEWS - Ignition Interlocks for Impaired Drivers

Ignition InterlockIgnition interlocks have been in use in BC since 2005 when they were made mandatory for certain high risk drinking drivers. Effective February 1, 2009 the provincial government has announced the commencement of an significant expansion of their use.

Applied to convictions after that date, drivers who are charged with impaired driving or recipients of 2 Administrative Driving Prohibitions or three 24 hour prohibitions within a five year period will have to drive a vehicle with an interlock device that will prevent the vehicle from operating if the driver has alcohol on their breath.

Participants must use the interlock for a minimum period of one year that begins after any driving prohibition that they are subject to. The cost of the program is the responsibility of the driver and currently amounts to just over $1,500.

Participation in the program is at the discretion of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.