Of Course He Has a Driver's Licence

Vehicle ImpoundI arrived part way through a story unfolding in the Driver Service Center today. As I sat down, I saw a middle aged woman indicate a young man to the clerk and comment something to the effect of "at least he has a valid licence." It quickly became apparent that she trying to initiate the review of the impoundment of her vehicle and that one of her children driving it without a valid driver's licence had triggered the impound.

The clerk had clearly handled this before. She calmly explained that the review could be requested in writing or it could be done orally over the phone. Which was faster? They are both about the same she said, it would really depend on whether you are more comfortable explaining your point of view orally or in writing. The fee for a written review is $50 and it's $100 for the oral review. "OK" said the woman, followed quickly by "what, you mean I have to pay?"

Chances are pretty good that this was not her favourite son today. No doubt he would be paying for all of this one way or the other in the future. The trouble is, Mom is paying for his cavalier attitude to driving without a licence now.

The bottom line here is, family or not, it is risky to loan your vehicle to another person, particularly one that does not have your best interests at heart. I'm sure that the review could be positively influenced by some due diligence. You show me your licence and then I'll give you the keys.

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