HISTORY - Highway 3 Near Greenwood

BC LogoThis shot is from the B.C. Archives and is of Highway 3 near Greenwood, taken in the 1950s. It shows how much our major hightways have improved since then. The lanes may be the same width, but the shoulders are improved and marked with solid white lines. The white center line is now yellow and likely is not a single broken line here today. Concrete guard rail replaces the old post and steel beam that often penetrated the passenger compartment in a collision.

Highway 3 near Greenwood BC

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Do you know this location? It would be nice to show a similar view from today to make the comparison.

The publication Frontier to Freeway: A short illustrated history of the roads in British Columbia shows just how far we have come in the past 100 years.



The photograph is of a section of road about 3.5km West of Midway, 500m before the Kettle River bridge, about 6km East of Rock Creek. 

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