Q&A - Drinking in a Motorhome

Q&A ImageQuestion: I was wondering about drinking in a motorhome and its legality. I understand that definition of motorhome from the Motor Vehicle Act. I further understand that a person must not drive or otherwise exercise control over the operation of a motor vehicle.

The law states that alcohol can be in a motorhome but the liquor must be kept in a cabinet away from the driver's area. Does this mean that passengers in the RV can not drink alcohol at all?

Is a Motorhome a Private Place?

This definition is from the Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation:

Private place

4 (1) In this section, "highway" means a highway as defined in the Motor Vehicle Act.

(2) For the purposes of the Act, "private place" means

(b) the following when used as a permanent or temporary private dwelling in an area where camping is allowed, together with any adjacent land that is used for the convenience, occupation and enjoyment of the occupants:

(i) a motorhome or other motor vehicle that is not on a highway;

(ii) a camper or a trailer that is not on a highway;

(iii) a tent, or

(c) a vessel to which the public does not have access that is equipped with permanent sleeping accommodations, cooking facilities and a toilet.

Definition of Highway

The definition of highway is very broad, so be careful that your motorhome is not parked on one before you break out the refreshments!

What About Cannabis?

Cannabis is treated the same way as alcohol is these days.

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