Q&A - OK to Produce Photocopy of Driver's Licence?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I go to the gym in the evenings and I don't like carry my wallet with me or leaving it in the car as my car got broken into a few years ago so I usually don't carry my drivers licence with me but I have a photo copy with me just when I go to the gym.

What happens if I am pulled over by the police and I can ONLY show them my photo copy? Is there some sort of fine for that or am I able to go to the police station within a time frame and show my original licence.

ANSWER: It is not legal to carry and use a photocopy of your driver's licence. If an officer requests that you produce your driver's licence when you are operating a motor vehicle you must immediate produce it and allow them to take it in hand to examine it. If you do not do this the officer may choose to issue you a traffic ticket for failing to produce the licence. The officer may also choose to request that you produce the licence later instead of writing a ticket but this is a courtesy to you and you cannot expect it to happen.

Production of licence and liability card, duplicates

33 (1) Every person, except

(a) a person driving or operating a motor vehicle exempted under section 2 (5) or section 8 or 10, or

(b) a person driving or operating a motor vehicle of a fire department of a municipality,

must have his or her driver's licence and driver's certificate and a motor vehicle liability insurance card or financial responsibility card, issued for the motor vehicle he or she is driving or operating, in his or her possession at all times while driving or operating that motor vehicle on a highway, and must produce the licence, certificate and card for inspection on demand of a peace officer.