Q&A - Passenger Compartment Load Security

Q&A ImageI got checked by a road monitor for an oil company and he said I needed a cargo net between the back seat and the front seat. I've never heard of that. He said it was the law in case something loose hit me in an accident. I've never seen a net in another truck and can't find a law that applies



You won't find this in the usual load securement rules! It's part of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation managed by WorkSafeBC.

17.1 Application

This Part applies to all persons, including the operator, engaged in transporting workers by any type of conveyance operated on behalf of the employer.

Note: This Part is not intended to apply to transportation of a worker by a public transportation system such as a taxi, bus line, chartered air service or airline, or by a worker's personal transport on public roads prior to or following a work shift.

17.5 Securing equipment

(1) Materials, goods, tools or equipment carried in a portion or compartment of a vehicle in which workers are riding must be located and secured to prevent injury to the operator or workers.

(2) If materials, goods, tools or equipment are regularly carried in a worker transportation vehicle there must be a designated area in the vehicle for transporting these items.

A cargo net would be one of likely many acceptable solutions.

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