Q&A - Remove Handicapped Parking Permit When Driving

Q&A ImageI understood from the information when receiving my permit that it was against the law to drive with the permit hanging from the rear view mirror. I see so many people doing this and would like confirmation that this is not permitted.



It is against the law to drive while your vision is obstructed. If the permit is in your field of view many things can be hidden behind it. Failing to see an approaching vehicle in cross traffic could be fatal to you and failing to see a pedestrian in a crosswalk could be fatal to them.

If you are short enough to see under the permit, then it would not be considered vision obstructing and leaving it hanging would not be an offence.

That said, it is good practice to remove it when you are not using a handicapped / disabled parking space. It's not worth taking the chance that you might not see something important when you are driving.

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