Q&A - Strata Roads

Q&A ImageI live in a strata with a straight fire lane running through it. The speed limit is clearly marked by signs and large print on the road. Residents (owner and counsel members) from the units farthest the street willfully speed past my unit in excess of thrice the limit of 15km/h. I have tried talking to them and informed strata bit all to no avail - in fact speed bumps were removed.

I am very stressed by the actions of these other adults and I fear for the safety of my children - to the point were I find myself completely awake in the middle of the night and unable to return to sleep.

What can I do?

I'm guessing that because you are part of a strata complex the roads that you are speaking of are private roads that the public is not invited to use. Their use is controlled by the strata and they are responsible for enforcement and penalty, not the police. Is this correct?

There are resources on line that explain enforcement of strata rules:

If the strata corporation fails to take action, you may wish to take advantage of lawyer referral operated by the Canadian Bar Association. A lawyer familiar with strata rules will consult for a maximum of 30 minutes and give you a better idea of what you can do.

We live in a strata complex in Surrey, where there are paved roads and vehicle parking. Our bylaws state that vehicles must have proper insurance for road use while parked on common property. The roads and parking areas are accessible by owners in the strata and public visitors, delivery vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, children etc. During the pandemic people have discontinued paying their insurance, let their vehicle licence lapse. A few Vehicles are parked behind closed doors without current licence plate tags, and a few have been in plain view. Some of the people without current tags drive their car around the complex, just to exercise their car, to keep it lubricated etc.

I have complained to no avail, the common response being what harm can it do to drive your car in the complex.

Other than the strata bylaws what other recourse do I have, can I report these drivers to the RCMP, to ICBC or does any one care? Is there not liability to the vehicle owner or the strata complex if a crash or injury occurs?

Do others strata properties have the same problem. I have called ICBC asking the same question but did not receive a reply that would help me understand. I look forward to your response, or other strata owners who may have the same problem.

Inside the gates it's private property and you essentially share the big property with the rest of your "family." Only the strata rules apply, along with the Criminal Code provisions that apply to vehicle operation. Those actions don't have to take place on a highway to qualify for charges.

Neither the police nor ICBC are interested unless it is criminal or a breach of the insurance policy.