REPORT - Provincial Court of BC 2016/2017

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe provincial courts handled 75,584 traffic and bylaw cases in 2016/2017, the lowest number in the past five years. Of possible interest in the report are complaints made against the judicial justices who hear these cases. Since trials are recorded, investigation and resolution of these complaints is relatively simple.



By any chance ...

... do we know how many total traffic and bylaw tickets were written up in that same period? It would be interesting to see what percentage of them get taken to court.

And of course, it would also be interesting to learn what percentage of those are successfully fought.

Traffic Ticket Data

I asked ICBC for 2016 traffic ticket data last June. The request was lost, then ignored and now more or less denied.

ICBC's intent is to put the ticket stats on their own web site on the same page as the collision data. That is supposed to happen in January, 2018.

That hasn't happened yet, but there are still a few days left.

My contact says I can get what I need when it appears.

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