VIDEO - The Cornering Bible

video iconCan't wait for motorcycle season to begin again? The Cornering Bible runs 1:33 and according to the description is a must watch documentary for all the motorcycle riders to understand the basic and advance concepts of riding a motorcycle safely, effectively and responsibly, to understand cornering braking, lean angle, etc.

Link to the video


Keith Code

Thanks for reinstating the video link Tim.  I know that motorcycle riding was not one of your passions, especially "fast" motorcycles. There is a wealth of information in this video and also in the other videos done by Keith and his California Superbike School.

Sadly though, our local Riding Schools, with very few exceptions, have become "License mills" designed to get you a Class 5 and turn you loose. Having said that, I've often heard from students who have taken riding courses that it has improved their driving and awareness.

Having started riding (legally) in 1952, I learned the hard way ... no schools, just some "On/off road experiments", many painful. The lack of proper racetracks has not helped either and the police tend to take a dim view of such shenanigans on the public highways. Also, the fact that a totally inexperienced rider with a brand new license can purchase a bike with close to the performance of a Formula 1 race car, doesn't help.

I've put many, many miles on motorcycles although very few at the speeds shown. None the less, the lessons in Keith Codes' videos are invaluable ... at any speed.

The greatest danger out there for any motorcyclist is the blind, distracted and/or impaired driver. And our own foibles .... Google, "Motion Induced Blindness" to see why about 75% of the car/motorcycle crashes are the result of, "I never saw him".  

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