ADVOCACY - Walk On Victoria

Walk On Victoria LogoA common message that arrives in the DriveSmartBC inbox concerns the perception of a local problem and either no response or an unexpected response from local government. The writer is usually looking for someone to solve their problem for them with little or no effort on their part beyond the initial complaint. Chances are excellent that the problem will continue to be a problem unless there is a concerted effort to resolve it.

One example of a concerted effort in road safety is Walk On, Victoria. This is Greater Victoria’s pedestrian advocacy group. Formed as a volunteer-run non-profit in September of 2014, Walk On, Victoria aims to give a voice to pedestrians and ultimately to make Victoria a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone to walk. Their terms of reference set out the group's aims and structure.

As a group, their voice can be much louder than that of an individual as evidenced by this article in the Victoria Times-Colonist about Janky June, a contest to expose the most pathetic pedestrian infrastructure in Greater Victoria.

Walk On, Victoria also serves as a template that you can use to create your own local voice to try and resolve traffic safety issues. Generally, these groups will also share useful advice if you contact them and ask.

Help can be a simple as a careful search of the internet, if you are willing to put in the effort.