Military Police Powers

Military Police FlashWhat powers do military police have to enforce traffic laws?

Every once in a while someone asks me a question that I am just not prepared for. This is one of them, so I went directly to the experts and consulted the Military Police at CFB Comox.

The Military Police have peace officer status with regard to Canadian Forces personnel at all times and all places. In addition, they have jurisdiction over all civilians when the civilian is on a Defence Establishment. A Defence Establishment is any area under the control of the Minister of Defence.

Ultimately, you could receive a traffic ticket from the Military Police for an infraction of the Motor Vehicle Act while on military property, but not when you are driving elsewhere in the province.

There are a number of driving offences in the Criminal Code of Canada, such as impaired, prohibited and dangerous driving or criminal negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle.

In these cases, the Military Police will alert the civilian police having jurisdiction and maintain surveillance until the civilian police can arrive and take over. If the situation is serious enough, the Military Police will take action in the form of a "citizen's arrest" and turn the offender over when civillian police arrive.

Yes, you have to stop for the Military Police. The definition of emergency vehicle in the Motor Vehicle Act includes a vehicle driven by a member of the police branch of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces in the discharge of his or her duty.


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