Q&A - Do I Have to Answer Questions for Police?

Q&A ImageWhen stopped at a road check, a frequent question is, "Where were you" and "Where are you going?" Can you tell me what obligation I am under to answer such questions? I don't mind answering, but I feel it is an invasion of my privacy.

I'm sure it helps the peace officer with their decision making, but at the same time, if I have to say, it's my business.



Strictly speaking, you are correct. Beyond supplying your name and address or if you are passenger, the name of the driver, the rest is optional. You decide if you wish to answer or not, based on the situation. If it is a check for drinking drivers politely refusing to answer probably won't cause you inconvenience. However, if it is a road check attempting to locate suspects in a crime, refusing to answer could cause problems, especially if you meet some of the description from victims or witnesses. Answering truthfully here could result in being waved through and refusing to answer or answering untruthfully could result in detention until the situation is resolved.


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