Q&A - Saying Nothing at a Roadblock.

Q&A ImageI am very upset by the long waits at roadblocks. It is infuriating how the police will inconvenience a line of cars for 15-20 minutes (say on the Malahat) and close a major highway.

It gets me riled up waiting and then to have a police officer invade your privacy and ask where you are from and to is none of his business (as well as the usual "have you had anything to drink")

My questions:

Can I say nothing at all? If I look at him (so he can establish Driver Identity), provide proof of Driver Lisc and Insurance and remain silent have I broken any law?

It seems these are my only obligations under the MVA. I know that I may open myself up to mechanical inspections, and Inspection Orders and an aggressive police officer. But I am not breaking any law by saying nothing am I?

I do have a right to remain silent when dealing with a police officer don't I?



You can provide driver's licence, insurance documents and may wish to answer such questions as who you are, where you live and whether you are the owner or authorized user of the vehicle to confirm identity and remove doubt that you should be in possession of the vehicle and are the person identified on the driver's licence. (You are required by the MVA to state your name and address.)

Beyond that, questions such as where are you coming from and where are you going to need not be answered.

If you are dissatisfied with having to wait, you do have the option of choosing to turn around and use a different route or complaining about the wait to the detachment commander / head of the local police service.

Option to turn around

Just a note,

The first and the last time I did a u-turn in-front of a road-block, I almost ended up pulling latex out of the shing-shwing, because the pursuing officer in the un-marked vehicle, that trailed me for 10 blocks after, was thinking I had something to hide or was drinking. I would say in no way, shape or form make yourself look like you are escaping the roadblock. I think they were ready to pit me as soon as they caught up (and I was just leisurly strolling away at 50km/h)

In the end with all the extra procedure, and the blatant YOU ARE LYING YOU PIECE OF SH!T, I wished I didn't drive that night.

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