Q&A - Dumpsters on the Road

Q&A ImageJust wonder if you know if there is a minimum distance dumpsters can be from the side of the road?

I would expect that a dumpster must be kept off of the highway and stored on private property. When I say highway, I mean the definition of highway from the Motor Vehicle Act:

"highway" includes

(a) every highway within the meaning of the Transportation Act,

(b) every road, street, lane or right of way designed or intended for or used by the general public for the passage of vehicles, and

(c) every private place or passageway to which the public, for the purpose of the parking or servicing of vehicles, has access or is invited,

but does not include an industrial road;

Things abandoned on a public highway may be removed by the Minister of Transportation and the costs for removal billed to the owner or person who abandoned it there.

If you do so inside a municipality, then a municipal bylaw would apply. No doubt it would act similarly to the Transportation Act, but could prescribe other things such as where on private property it may be stored. You will have to check your local bylaws.