Q&A - Left Turn on a Yellow Light

Q&A ImageQuestion: Is it within the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act to enter an intersection on a yellow light with the intent to turn left only if you stop first before entering the intersection?

Same question except you don't stop before you enter the intersection.

Yellow light

A yellow light requires that you stop before entering the intersection unless it is unsafe to do so:

128 (1) When a yellow light alone is exhibited at an intersection by a traffic control signal, following the exhibition of a green light,

(a) the driver of a vehicle approaching the intersection and facing the yellow light must cause it to stop before entering the marked crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or if there is no marked crosswalk, before entering the intersection, unless the stop cannot be made in safety,

So, your example number one is definitely illegal. You've stopped so you must stay stopped until the light turns green again.

Example two will also be illegal if it is safe for you to stop.

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while stopped and waiting to turn left on a left turn arrow (permissive left turn), once we get the left turn arrow and waiting for our turn because of left turning vehicles ahead, if we are still behind the pedestrian line when the arrow turns yellow, can we still make a left turn or are we supposed to get into the intersection and wait? 

What if the left turn arrow turns yellow, can I enter the intersection at that point to make the turn? Thank you. 

Thanks again, In a permissive left turn (NOT protected left turn), can we move into the intersection when the arrow is yellow and wait for a safe gap

or are we supposed to first come to a stop on a yellow arrow and then move into the intersection only after the green light turns on (the green light that comes on after the yellow arrow)? 

Two things that I've always tried to make clear to new drivers, in order to help them not only to pass their Road Test, but to drive legally and successfully where traffic lights are concerned.

  1. Traffic lights do NOT control vehicles that are IN an intersection; at that point, they're irrelevant except as an indicator of how potentially conflicting pedestrians and vehicles should now behave, and you will then be able to make a safe exit from the intersection.  Hopefully they will stop and wait for the next 'Walk' signal or Green Light; all too often though, they do the opposite and run or accelerate against the 'Don't Walk' or Yellow ... or Red, for pity's sake.
  2. Doesn't matter if you're turning left or right; if you haven't gotten yourself into the intersection (past the second crosswalk line with your front tires is a good 'guide') and the light turns yellow then you're stuck until the next green.  Sometimes very hard to achieve when turning left into a one-way street without any parking lane, incidentally.  Oh and if you're going straight, but couldn't exit the intersection you entered for some reason, then you're probably in contradiction of Section 189 (1) (c) and shouldn't be there in the first place even if the light was green on your approach.
  3. Yeah I know I said two things, but there's another that I think is related; a Yellow Arrow must be obeyed in EXACTLY the same manner as a Yellow Solid light - despite what you may see on a daily basis where you drive.