Q&A - Passenger Won't Wear a Seatbelt

Q&A ImageMy mother is a rather large woman who has gotten larger due to medical causes...she also has a phobia of being confined as a result of a seatbelt not releasing and being trapped for quite a bit of time...as a result it is very difficult to get her to agree to put on a seatbelt when we take her to various doctors appointments...

My question is who is responsible if we get stopped because she would not put on her seatbelt...

I always ask her to put it on, but she fails to comply...I always put mine on, but am leery of when she asks me to take her to her appointment...

I don't want to have to pay for her violation....Does the ticket go to me the driver or to her the person violating the law...?.

also is there any extension that can be added to a seatbelt due to the size of a very larger person like my mother who really is large around the girth but is only in the car seldom...?

I don't want a seatbelt to not fit around my daughter who is slight in stature...

I would appreciate some light shed on this...I am sure that our family is not the only one to be in this situation.


No Seatbelt, No Ride

I know that it is difficult when the passenger is family, but in my vehicle the situation is "No Seatbelt, No Ride."

An unbelted passenger can do significant damage to the other vehicle occupants in a collision.

Yes, you can get a seatbelt extension, simply ask your car dealer for one. Usually they will furnish them without charge. You will likely also find information on the use of the extension in your vehicle's owner's manual.

When the passengers are 16 years of age or older, they will be the ones receiving the ticket for failing to wear the seatbelt. If the passenger's age is under 16, then the ticket is issued to the driver.

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