Q&A - Placement of Booster Seat?

Q&A ImageBehind the driver, behind the passenger, or middle?

Our elementary-school child's booster seat says to check the car's documentation for proper placement; our car's documentation says to check the booster seat for proper placement.

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The safest place for a passenger is in the center of the rear seat.

Transport Canada echos this advice.

However, I have seen a caveat on the S.E.A.T.S. for Kids web site that says:

If there is a bump in the vehicle seat or a fold down arm rest or a lap-only belt (for use with a booster - boosters must only be used with lap-shoulder belts), or if the seat does not install well in the middle for any other reason, then it is not safer.

Please note that most vehicles DO NOT have UAS anchors dedicated for the centre seating position. Whether you can "borrow" the anchors from the two outboard seating positions depends on whether this is allowed by both the child restraint manufacturer AND the vehicle manufacturer. Always read the instructions for both the child restraint and your vehicle. Most of the time you will need to use the seat belt to do an installation in the centre of the back seat.

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