Q&A - Traffic Sign Changes & the NEW Tab

Q&A ImageI was wondering when they put up new speed limit signs up, do they need to put the bright visible sign saying "new" under the new speed limit posting ?


Use of the NEW Tab

I have copied the following from the Manual of Standard Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings for the province of BC:

The W-329 NEW tab should be used with the W-12 sign for new signal installations. The NEW tab should remain in place for three months until motorists become familiar with the signal. If the signal has W-116 ADVANCE WARNING flashers, the W-329 and W-12 signs must be removed after the three month education period terminates. The W-329 may also be used with any other standard sign to draw attention to revisions in traffic control.

I've highlighted the part that interests you. As you can see, the direction says that the tab may be used, not must be used, so I would imagine that it is really at the discretion of the district engineer to make the decision at the time the zone is changed.

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