Q&A - What Does DriveSmartBC Actually Do?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: What does DriveSmartBC actually do about the issues?

I'm reading lot of good constructive discussion but do not see any constructive use of this resource. Also I'm sure that many users and readers would like to contribute more directly to solutions.

I don't see these options on your website.

ANSWERDriveSmartBC is my hobby and I am the only one on "the other end." The site is often mistaken for a police or government run effort and it is not.

Having run the site in this form for almost 10 years now, I can tell you that most people do not want to contribute directly to solutions. They want to dump their viewpoint on someone, expect that their solution be applied immediately and then complain if it is not. Of the few times someone contacted me in earnest and I tried to become involved in helping, they either decided that it was too much work or just stopped responding.

So, DriveSmartBC (me) raises issues and tries to educate and explain.

Your suggestions are more than welcome...



I too often think why doesn't Tim already gets his retired behind off the chair, picks up the ol' sawed-off, and teaches some Islanders about some g'damned road manners! He's old, he don't care :)

On a serious note, having a weekly column, hosting regular free defensive driving for seniors seminars, maintaining a web site, moderating a bunch of morons in a hurry (legal term, look it up) and answering some frustratingly un-researched questions with concrete legislation and advice is quite a bit more than most of us, fellow private citizens are doing.

Thank You

I appreciate the kind comment.

This is not meant the way you read it and after exchanging e-mail with this person I know that. I've offered him a user account and now that he really understands what DriveSmartBC is, hopefully will become a useful contributor too.

Oh I know...

I'm just having fun :)

The confusion with DriveBC is pretty appropriate actually, considering that DriveSmartBC looks like a professional living site with knowledgeable "staff" willingly and openly answering questions everyday, on-point with no boiler-plates and with-out a long wait. And https://www.drivebc.ca looks like an entry level web-design school project, which got them a passing grade and having served its purpose has been blissfully abandoned.

The original comment is really a compliment in disguise, even if it was comically ironic.

My 5 cents

Maybe it’s just me, I dunno.

I have posted a couple of items on this site and I was just looking for some direction, maybe some clarification on the legal side of things, and I got what I came for. I was then able to make appropriate adjustments in my response to the justice system, with a little more confidence and in every case, a better view of how things are for the other side.

 Doesn’t get much better than that.


There's no doubt in my mind, there is no other source of information on using the roads and highways in BC that compares to this place.

What does it do? Educate! 

Thanks, Tim

Thank You!

I enjoy the work....

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