VIDEO - How to Install Tire Chains

VideoBuying a set of tire chains and stowing them in the trunk without ever trying to install them might not be a good idea. The first time you will be called to use them will mean installing them in the worst of conditions and taking too long to do the task could even mean being hit by a passing vehicle. A little practice now, as shown in this video, might make life easier somewhere down the road....


Submitted by E-mail

The one comment I would pass on is a very important safety component that the Washington Traffic safety may have overlooked when they created the video.

During installation, I would highly recommend that after the vehicle has been parked on the centre of the chains, that the person installing the chains ensures the vehicle is in park or gear and the emergency brake is applied. Then removes the keys and places them in his pocket. Otherwise, he is in danger of either the vehicle rolling and trapping his arms between the tire and the wheel well, or someone not thinking moving the vehicle.

This is much like locking out equipment before working on it and is a golden rule for safety.

I’ve seen it where people were not thinking (it was a forklift) and moved a vehicle inadvertently and caused a very unsafe situation.

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