VIDEO - This Season's Killer Look

video iconThis video comes to us through the Road Safety Authority of Ireland. It draws attention to the serious risk presented by wearing a shoulder belt under the arm instead of over the shoulder. According to the information, this is a common occurrence among young women. Unfortunately, it does not carry on to explain how shorter statured people can make the shoulder belt both effective and comfortable to wear properly.

Takata advises that the shoulder belt should fall across the center of the collar bone when properly worn. So, what happens when there is no way to adjust the shoulder belt down and the the seat does not rise far enough to get you there? The best that I can do is point you to the nearest dealer for your make of vehicle to ask them for advice because my searches for information on the internet hasn't turned up anything reliable to point to. If you have a good resource, please let us know using the Contact link under About DriveSmartBC at the top of the page.

I have seen people do things like putting a clip on the seatbelt at the D ring on the pillar to force slack into the shoulder belt. This is a bad solution because during a collision slack seatbelts do not protect properly. I also see things for sale called seatbelt "adjusters" aimed at shorter people. Unless these products can show approval markings from Transport Canada or some other reputable testing agency it would be wise to save your money and not purchase them.

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