Inoperative Traffic Signals

Traffic LightWith all the power outages in the past few weeks there have been a lot of intersections where traffic lights are out. Would you please remind everyone of the 4-way stop procedure that it seems most have forgotten or never learned.

Oddly enough, this seems to be a difficult task for many drivers. Perhaps it has been a lack of opportunity to practice the requirements that leaves them mentally unprepared to realize what is required and then do it. This creates a very dangerous situation at the intersection.

The requirements are simply stated. If the traffic signals are not functioning at an intersection, the driver must stop before entering the intersection. If two vehicles stop at about the same time, drivers must yield to the vehicle on the right. Lastly, if a vehicle is already in the intersection, drivers must yield and allow it to proceed.

My personal experience is much the same as the reader who requested this column. Don't ever expect traffic to stop as required! Make sure all conflicting vehicles have stopped before you take your turn. Failing to do so invites a "T-Bone" type of collision exposing you to the highest risk for injury or death.


Traffic Signals Inoperative - Section 125.1 MVA

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