Q&A - Adult Passenger Not Wearing Seatbelt - Who Gets the Ticket?

Q&A ImageIf I am the driver of a motor vehicle and I have an adult passenger who refuses to wear their seat belt and I operate such vehicle Who will recieve the ticket if the party in question has no valid drivers license and has no Formal ID??

In this case the passenger gets the ticket. The driver is only responsible if the passenger is under 16 years of age.

Not having ID is not really a problem as they are required to truthfully state their name and address when the officer asks. I would have recorded the driver's information in my notes if I were investigating the offence and would be prepared to subpeona the driver to court for identification of the accused if it came to that.

It's an easy solution for me, if you don't wear a seatbelt you are welcome to get out and find your own way. I don't take passengers who won't wear a seatbelt. In a collision they can do significant damage to you as they fly around inside the vehicle.

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100% of the time in my own vehicle, and if you drive taxi that question seems to come up daily,and I told all adults that it was thier ticket should they choose not to wear one,,But try telling a Paying Customer to get out and walk,even though you the driver are a risk if a crash occured.  Then even worse,and probably more dangerous to the taxi driver,is try arguing with a DRUNK or a taxi full of drunks, Just not good,and would be very time consuming.

At bar rush espessally,,,So I came to the conclusion it is actually safer just to get them home,and go pick up more drunks,,before they get Impatient and decide to drive themselfs,and just a hunch,,but I belive the Officers watching you drive away at bar rush,with no seatbelts on,would look the other way for that same reason,  It is a rock and a hard spot situation,,,And being the Taxi Driver,,We are Void from the seatbelt Law,,Unless we are to exceed 70kms/hr,,And I NEVER WORE ONE DRIVING TAXI Unless I was going on the hwy. The Reason there (YOU ASK) is if I am going on a 70-100 km/hr hwy,,and you were going to rob me at that speed,,I could care less if you pulled a knife or a gun,,because now I get to laugh at you,,tell you to throw that wepon out the window or (as my foot goes to the floor on that acelerator pedal) YOUR COMING WITH ME. And if you think that is crazy,think of slowing down instead,where now THEY ARE NOT AT RISK ANYMORE,and using that wepon becomes more of a reality than at FULL SPEED,,,,YES FULL SPEED,,,,Please Officer see me and PULL ME OVER,,PLEASE,,   Pretty sure after explaining that to the Officer,I would,nt be recieving a speeding ticket.

Just the point of view from a TAXI DRIVER.