RESOURCE - What Can I Expect at a Traffic Court Hearing?

BC Courts Coat of ArmsWhat can I expect at a Traffic Court Hearing? is a page on the Provincial Court of British Columbia web site. It's a short overview of the process for someone that has never disputed a violation ticket before and doesn't have the time to view a trial in order to gain experience ahead of time.

Drivers are at a disadvantage in traffic court as they are often disputing their ticket on emotional rather than rational grounds. A bit of learning ahead of time will allow you to decide it is worth your time to dispute in person, pay the ticket or simply dispute the penalty in writing.

Knowing what to expect could reduce the uncertainty and allow you to concentrate on your case instead of being nervous!

The topics covered include:

  • When you arrive at the courthouse
  • How the hearing begins
  • If you plead guilty
  • If you plead not guilty
  • The evidence against you
  • A “mini-hearing” about anything you said to the police officer
  • Your evidence
  • Summing up
  • The decision
  • Penalties

This information is also available as an audio podcast: