VIDEO - Surprising Volkswagen Advertisement

video iconThis Volkswagen advertisement is a thought provoking comment on texting and driving. It's worth the 1:22 of your time to watch the video.


Das wunderbar!

As a long time critic and opponent of sappy, unrealistic, over produced blood/gore driving propaganda... this video is the first ever Driving PSA that I genuinely like!

Simply great!


Yeah, that's a stunner.  The looks on their faces ... 

Submitted by E-mail

I have noted a number of what I would call distracted driving "habits" as follows:

A small dog sitting on the driver's lap!!

Numerous examples of drivers drinking beverages while driving. I know that may be very common, but the practice

still seems to be "distracted" to me! As a non-smoker I also see smokers using their other hand to drive??

VW video

Excellent, should be shown in all schools.

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