Q&A - Tire Chains on Commercial Vehicles

commercial vehicle chain signThe last time we drove up the Coquihalla from Hope we saw that the plow trucks had not taken care to plow out the chain-up pull-outs for commercial trucks. How are these commercial drivers expected to put on their tire chains safely?

The trucks are all lined up along the right lane of the road, thus forcing regular traffic into one lane.

Q&A - Enforcement of Excessive Noise

Q&A ImageI'm flabbergasted that motorcycles with loud exhausts seem to be the "sacred cows" of our highways and byways. I recently spent about 18 hours working at a job site immediately adjacent to Harvey Avenue near Pandosy Street, during two sunny days of spring weather. The number of loud motorcycles and "jacked-up" diesel 4 x 4's trucks that constantly hammered their throttles was astonishing.

BC's Slow Down Move Over Law

Slow Down, Move Over SignB,C.'s Slow Down, Move Over law came into effect over two decades ago. When an official vehicle is stopped at the side of the highway and displaying flashing lights, red, blue or yellow, approaching traffic is required to slow down and move over. The law is meant to provide a safe workspace for the emergency and roadside workers.