Q&A - How Long do Penalty Points Stay on My Driving Record?

Q&A ImageQuestion: How long after a conviction do speeding penalty points stay on my driving record?

Convictions Stay Forever

This question should really be "How long does a conviction for a driving offence stay on my driving record?"

Your driving record is your entire driving history. It includes all traffic tickets and driving prohibitions you have received.

It also includes any tickets or driving prohibitions that you may have received before you even had a license.

Penalty Points

Penalty points are used to indicate how risky the traffic violation you committed was. 

Driving without due care and attention (6 points) is more serious than speeding (3 points).

The number of points assigned to a hazardous moving violation are set out in Division 28 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

Penalty Point Premiums

ICBC totals up points and bills a driver what amounts to a bad driving premium each year on their birthday based on a year's worth of driving record.

Driving Record Abstracts

Your driving record abstract only shows the past 5 years of tickets or prohibitions. This means that you really only have to show the most recent part of your driving history to a prospective employer.

Sample abstract:

Driving Record Abstract Showing No Penalty Points

Criminal convictions may be an exception to this.

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