Q&A - Showing Proof of Speed

Q&A ImageMy mom recently received a traffic ticket for speeding in school zone.

The officer verbally told her that she was driving at 45 km/h in the 30 zone. Later, my mom heard from her friend who also got a ticket that the officer who stopped her actually showed the speed sensor to her for how fast she was going at the time.

My questions are:

1) Is the officer required to show the driver some sort of proof before issuing the ticket?

2) Is it required to show a description of the speed on the ticket?



There is a longer article here on the site that is worth reading detailing how to deal with a traffic ticket.

In the case of a speeding ticket, there is seldom anything to show to the driver, and the officer is not required to show anything. However, they may choose to do so if they wish. I have shown speed readings and demonstrated the instruments at roadside. Sometimes this satisfies the driver and sometimes it just fuels their decision to dispute the ticket.

The driver does have a speedometer and should know what it read. The signs are posted or the speed is set in law in instances like speeding inside and outside a municipality, school and playground zones. If their knowledge of their speed corresponds with the measurement, is seeing the speed measuring device necessary?

The ticket does need to show sufficient information to allow the driver to know what they are being charged with. In this case the ticket will likely say "Speed in School Zone." This is considered to be sufficient and the actual measured speed is not required to be recorded on the face of the ticket. That will be written in the officer's notes instead and testified to in court.


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