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what roadside speed reader boards look likeQuestion: Our organization’s main office is located on a high traffic street with a playground across the street. Despite sign postings and increased police presence we are still having issues with people speeding up and down this small stretch of the street.

I have been in contact with our local RCMP and although they are trying to be helpful they do not have any more suggestions to I thought I could turn to someone who has some experience!

I was wondering if you had any ideas of where we could buy/rent a speed board? Would it be effective and helpful? Any ideas or input you have would be most helpful!

Speed Watch Groups

For a quick start, you may want to see if your community has a Speed Watch group. Invite them to come and work in front of your building. I'll bet that if you make them feel at home they will come often. I used to really enjoy supporting them with a Two Strikes program when I was working traffic enforcement.

Buy Your Own Speed Reader Boards

You can buy a commercial board from Mega Tech in Edmonton. There may be other sources as well.

ICBC May Assist

You may also be able to get some support from ICBC's road safety co-ordinator responsible for your area. They liaise with police, speed watch and community groups and can advise what ICBC may have available to help you.

Traffic Calming

For a long term goal, you may wish to try a traffic calming project.

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The signs are extremely effective in slowing people down.  They can also log traffic speeds so police can tell if a problem actually exists, and what days/time of day that people are speeding in the area.  This helps target enforcement during the critical times of day.  ICBC will often loan signs out to communities.  You can contact your local ICBC Regional Safety Coordinator to get one.