CASE LAW - Cue v Breitkreuz

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis case heard before Justice N. Smith examines a collision that occurred when a car driven by Miquel Cue stopped in traffic to make a left turn and was struck from behind by a truck driven by Roy Breitkreuz. Cue told the court that he had been waiting to turn left for approximately 5 seconds when he was struck by Breitkreuz. Breitkreuz said that Cue suddenly switched lanes in front of him and then slammed on the brakes making it impossible for him to avoid a collision. The case cites 3 others to illustrate the onus on a driver that strikes another from behind and that sufficient following distance must be left to take into account that the vehicle ahead may stop suddenly.


Read the Reasons for Judgment - Cue v Breitkreuz

Cases Cited:

Robbie v King - 2003 BCSC 1553
Pryndik v. Manju - 2001 BCSC 502
Rai v. Fowler - 2007 BCSC 1678

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