Q&A - Flipping the Bird

Q&A ImageMaybe it,s just me,but if I was walking somewhere,and someone came  up behind me with a wepon (gun,knife,ect).and beiing trained in martial arts,It is my right to defend myself,,,as my life is at risk..I would be concidered somewhat of a hero,if I sucseeded to aprehend this criminal. If I did,nt sucseed,,Yes I could be dead or injured,,but at the time,,the choices beiing???????

Now I am in a motor vehical,driving on a windy 100km/h double solid line hwy,with no passing lane for km,s,and another motor vehical(2500kg,s),,or worse,a semi trailer truck (15,000kg,s empty) Approches me to within a few feet, Now putting my life at risk,,LITERALLY,,

I as the vehical in front,that was following the law,am concider by the police to have Inapproprate actions,for simply flipping the driver behind the bird(display middle finger) as now I am causing roadrage.

The thing to do,is pull over,let him by,and take note of thier plate#.Beiing on the road 88hrs a week minimum,this list could get extramlly long by the end of the day,,Now making me look like a whiner,and at the same time,not beiing able to pull over safely for kms,leaving my life at jepordy the whole time,until safe to do so.

Now if we both stop,and a confrontation occurs,and I so much as deck this guy(as they were putting my life at risk) I now get charged with assult.

Beiing both wepons,weather gun knife motor vehical and having my life in just as much risk Either way.

Is this not a double standard,,,Or is it just me????


It Does Seem Strange

We accept that the dangers involved in driving are part of everyday life and don't attach nearly as much importance to the risks until we are the ones that are the subjects of that risk. Very little thought is given when we impose that same risk on others as you state here.

I do agree with the police response you explain in your third paragraph though. It is inappropriate to provoke further problems by taunting or making deliberately rude gestures to the other driver. It may make you feel good, and it could just make you dead when that other driver decides to do something even more stupid because of it.

I Hate beiing Wrong,,,( lol )

Thank-You,,,Good Answer!

Just after that happened,I recived a call from the police,The other driver had phoned and complained about it,the inappropriate juster I offer him,as I had finally got the chance to let him by. I told the police officer,I found it more inappropriate he was risking my life. And of course beiing mad now,you think I,m gunna back down,when my point makes more sence.

Or so I thought,at the time.Amazing how somthing so right,(at the time) can actully be not right afterall.

The Police officer might have told me somthing to try and make ME more aware my actions were incorrect,,But I KNEW Mine was right,so you can,t tell me,I am professional,with way more experiance than that young officer.

So now I guess I owe that nice police officer an appolagy!! Thats why he did,nt push it farther,and left me to think about My actions,I was right,,up to a point,then I turned my right to a wrong,and It makes perfect sence to me now.as obviosly the guy behind me,was either mad at the time,in a hurry,or many other possabilitys,But Me Provoking him farther,now makes the allready bad situation worse.

I have no Idea if the officer ever gave the other driver a ticket for speeding and tailgating,and not goiing to look into it either,

I am goiing to Accept the fact I was wrong too,and try to remember the new perspective I have learned,It,s not as clear cut as just Right and Wrong Nessacarilly,,You have to look at the whole picture,and with a clear mind,,Not well Mad.

Did I mention I hate beiing wrong,,,,too funny

Thanks again,,and I sure am glad I can learn New Things Still.

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