Parallel Parking Courtesy

Parallel Parking Only Sign"I can't parallel park!" laments a reader. Although many of us have trouble with this aspect of driving, he didn't make this comment in the way you might think. "The other drivers won't stop to let me back in."

This gentleman went on to explain that as soon as he stopped to try and back into the space the traffic behind him continued to pass by without regard to oncoming traffic or the need for space to allow him to move into the parking space. The lack of courtesy shown by others left him with a dilemma. Do you continue to try and park and possibly hit someone, do you wait blocking traffic until it is safe to move or do you just abandon the attempt?

He is correct to be cautious as the Motor Vehicle Act forbids a driver from backing up if the movement cannot be made in safety.

However, the other drivers should have some consideration and pause briefly to let this driver park. If there is other traffic approaching, they must do so rather than encroach on the oncoming lane. The presence of a double solid line would require a wait even if the oncoming lane is empty as a driver must always remain to the right of these lines.

A little bit of courtesy goes a long way. If you don't show it to other drivers, how can you expect to have it shown to you?

Reference Links:

Driving on Laned Roadway - Section 151 Motor Vehicle Act
Passing on the Left - Section 159 Motor Vehicle Act
Caution in Backing Vehicle - Section 193 Motor Vehicle Act



Although I agree with the frustration fron the poster, I must say that some responcibility must fall on the parallel parker.  Signaling for a time your intern before coming to a stop and starting to back up is necessary.  I do not mean to say the author does this, but as a driver of an average of 250 km per day see the bad drivers way too many times.

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