How Wide? How Long? How High?

Measuring TapeHow Wide? How Long? How High? These questions, when asked in relation to vehicles and their loads, probably bring large commercial vehicles to mind for most drivers. The Commercial Transport Regulations do set out the maximum dimensions for commercial vehicles and their loads. The Motor Vehicle Act Regulations take a legal short cut and apply them and some other provisions to light vehicles too.

In general, your vehicle and it's load cannot be more than 2.6 m (8' 6") wide, 12.5 m (41') long and 4.15 m (13' 7") high. In addition, it's load cannot project more than 1 m (3' 3") ahead of the front bumper, 1.85 m (6' 8") behind the back of the vehicle or 4.5 m (14' 9") behind the center of the last axle. If you are driving something other than a pickup or delivery van, the load cannot be wider than the sides of the vehicle.

Things can get quite complicated from here if you add a trailer, are driving a pickup truck or delivery van or are carrying special commodities. Perhaps the simplest way to get advice before you set out on your trip is to know your exact dimensions and contact the nearest weigh scale. The inspectors there will provide expert advice and some scales are always open for your call.

Commercial vehicles may obtain exemptions from basic size rules through the use of a special exemption permit as long as the conditions of the permit are followed. The regulations do provide for the use of permits for light vehicles as well, but the last time I checked the policy was that these permits would not be issued.

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How wide,how long, how high

My question would be these pick-up trucks that have sled decks mounted on them, these stick out out past most mirrors which I guess then they would be to wide wouldn't they?


That would depend on whether they were wider than 8'6" or not. If they were, then it would depend if they had a permit or not.


Sled decks

Every sled deck I have had or seen, is 8’ 6”.


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'In general' ?

I'm wondering about this, particularly in regard to vehicle length:

In general, your vehicle and it's load cannot be more than 2.6 m (8' 6") wide, 12.5 m (41') long and 4.15 m (13' 7") high.

Seems to me that the majority of semi-trailers we see on the roads these days are 53' long (not even including the tractor unit).

So, I'm puzzled.


For those of us in cars and pickups, it's probably a more or less valid expression.


It wasn't that long ago that Kamloops scale was writing up MANY citations for trucks running "hockey stick" pipes. If they were turned out too far, they exceeded 8' 6" wide , when measured tip to tip. 


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