BulldozerSeveral times I've been on the highway and had someone, usually in a big truck or old car come right up behind me, so close that I can't really see the front of their vehicle. I drive a small Toyota and it scares me! Of course, this is what they mean to do because they are bullies. What do you think I can do next time I come across one of these people?

This reader has introduced enough material for more than one column. They speak of the larger vehicle, which in my experience is almost always exceeding the speed limit, trying to bulldoze them out of the way through intimidation. Strangely enough, if this vehicle simply sounded the horn, the slower driver would be obligated to yield to the right. Problem solved, and they could get back to exceeding the speed limit again.

Now I hear the bulldozers complaining about people in the left lane refusing to get out of the way. They have a valid point too. If you are slower, even if you are doing the speed limit, you must move to the right lane and let the speeder by. It's usually a clue that you are in the wrong lane when traffic starts passing you by on the right side.

What about slow drivers? You know, the ones leading the parade while sight seeing. If they can justify the slow speed in order to maintain safety, then there is nothing to be done. If they can't, they need to leave the road, stop, let others by, and then go back to their chosen safe speed.

To protect yourself, let the bulldozer by, even if it means pulling over and stopping to do so. I would rather have them in front of me where it is easy to keep an eye on them than behind trying to involve us both in a collision. You may also wish to record their licence plate number as they pass and complain to police.



Complaining would be a waste of time!

You may also wish to record their licence plate number as they pass and complain to police.

Well, in 2016 (most recent year for which I've seen the numbers) police forces in BC issued 2,300 tickets for Following Too Closely - even though it's highly dangerous, and a leading cause of collisions.

In the same year, police forces in BC issued 7,200 tickets for improper use of High Occupancy Vehicle lanes - even though it's not at all dangerous, comparatively, and cannot be cited as a cause of collisions.

Draw your own conclusions about police priorities in BC.

Unfortunately, I Agree

My experience with reporting bad drivers has not been a good one.

However, if you don't complain, for sure nothing will be done.

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