Chill Out!

Road RageAh, the Christmas driving spirit is manifesting itself everywhere. I was sitting in a mall parking lot waiting for my wife and whiling away the time by watching what was going on in the vehicles around me. It was not a happy time of year for the occupants of some of them!

I don't know what the driver of one vehicle had done, but the front seat passenger in the vehicle following was certainly upset about it. I could clearly hear her say to the male driver "I'm REALLY angry!" She then leaned over and pounded on the horn a few times for good measure.

Did she accomplish anything? Aside from vent her anger and make a spectacle of herself, I think not. Judging by the reaction of the female driver of the car in front, she had no idea that the performance was going on, let alone that it was aimed at her.

It's probably a good thing that the male driver was cool about it and nothing escalated. He had the social skills and common sense to realize that allowing his temper to boil over wouldn't contribute positively to either the situation or his frame of mind. Keeping calm, even in the face of an ignorant driver, promotes your safety following the incident and that positively impacts everyone else.

Peace on earth, goodwill to man, not just at Christmas time but throughout the year contributes positively to traffic safety. Please have a happy and safe holiday season and thanks for all your questions, comments and suggestions in 2007.