READING - A Deadly Wandering

A Deadly WanderingThis is a very interesting book about distracted driving. Interwoven with the story about Reggie Shaw and how he caused a double fatal collision by texting while driving is information on the research and researchers who are studying how our brain deals with the distraction from mobile phone use while driving. To put it bluntly, we are incapable of driving safely while using a mobile phone, hands on, hands free or texting while driving. We just think that we are good at it and the other guy is the problem. That's not so and the book explains why.


What many fail to realize is that when Kash Heed (a fella with a remarkable history - then Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General) introduced the new Distracted Driving laws in BC, all the evidence was there in front of him to show that driving performance will be compromised by any cell phone use, hands-free or not.

Part 3.1 MVA was a compromise, designed to appear tough (though at the time, I don't think there even penalty points attached) which deliberately ignored these inconvenient facts so as not to annoy too many people  - particularly those who could afford Bluetooth and hands-free operation.