CASE LAW - Close v Tigas

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Close v Tigas involves a collision on 18th Street at the lane west of Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. Andria Close was driving her Volkswagen Golf westbound on 18th Street and Ryan Tigas was driving his Mitsubishi Outlander northbound in the lane approaching 18th. Mr. Tigas' view to the east was obstructed by a truck and camper parked to the right of the lane on the south side of 18th Street.

Mr. Justice Macintosh found that Mr. Tigas was careless in proceeding onto 18th Street when he could not see the oncoming traffic. He also examined section 176 (2) MVA that governs emerging from alleys. The emerging driver is required to yield to approaching traffic that is close enough to be an immediate hazard.

Mr. Tigas was found to be 100% at fault for the crash.

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