CASE LAW - R v Alderson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of R v Alderson takes place in Campbell River. It involves Jason Alderson and Michael Brown, who met while Mr. Brown was backing out of a parking lot onto Leishman Road. Mr. Alderson drove by on Mr. Brown's left and was subsequently confronted by him a short distance away.

Words were exchanged and Mr. Brown drove away, coming to stop in a parking lot on Merecroft Road. During the trip Mr. Alderson followed very closely behind and Mr. Brown's girlfriend who was a passenger in the car contacted the police. At the parking lot, more words were exchanged between the two drivers.

Cst. Beauregard attended and attempted to speak with Mr. Alderson who was seated in his vehicle. He ignored her and would not produce his driver's licence when it was demanded. Backup was called and Cst. Beauregard attempted to arrest Mr. Alderson. He failed to comply.

When backup arrived, Mr. Alderson was arrested but refused to identify himself to police.

Ultimately, Mr. Alderson was charged with driving without reasonable consideration for others using the highway, failing to produce his driver's licence and wilfully obstructing Cst. Beauregard by failing to identify himself.

He was convicted of the latter two charges at trial.

Of interest here is the driver's duty to produce a licence and state his name and address to police when involved in a driving investigation.